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  • Your Hair Transplant Procedure


    FUE Technique

    FUE technique is a method of extracting the hair follicles,one by one, from the donor area and transplanting them to the recipient area..


    FUE Technique Hair transplantation must start with a thorough examination. The hair and skin structure, hair loss stage, genetic history, the progressive hair loss scheme and the estimated number of hair grafts of the patient are the key planning elements during the examination.

    The consultation must be detailed, satisfying and descriptive. All questions of the patient will be answered as the consultation is the foundation of the basic trust that the patient will establish with his doctor.

    The advancements in digital sharing, in recent years, has made photographic consultation possible. Of course, this is a must for patients who will have to travel as medical tourists from different countries. However, before the hair transplantation procedure, photographic consultation must be accompanied with live consultation.

    Following the consultation and all questions of the patient are answered, the consultation report will be submitted to the patient for their approval based on the information provided by the doctor.





    Although hair transplantation has already become a sector and a business line in the world, it is still a medical procedure which demands mutual trust between the patient and the doctor. Photo shoots are vital for ensuring mutual trust. Verbal approva  and written consent forms are required along with a high quality photographing at the consultation stage.

    The photographs before the hair transplant procedure, which shows both the patient’s baldness stage, must be taken in a certain standard light and standard positions, by professional cameras.

    After the washing is done, the day after the operation, photos of the patient are taken. This triple shot will help the patient make sure that the procedure is done within the promised surgical plan. It is necessary to keep the patient’s photos in the archive in order to follow the success of the results.







         In the FUE Hair Transplantation, donor area and recipient area are shaved separately. Depending on the chosen surgical method and procedure, either the donor area and the planting area are completely shaved to 1mm of hair, or in case of Partiel Shave FUE, procedure will be performed without shaving the recipient area, only the donor area is shaved. At Gur Hair Transplant Clinic, shaving of the donor and recipient areas are done step by step. Only the donor area is shaved before the hair is removed from the donor area. The planting area doesn’t get shaved in order not to move away from the surgical plan until the transplantation of hair. If Partiel Shave FUE model will be applied, the planting area will not be shaved at this stage.



  • The Extraction of the grafts


    The removal procedure is performed by sticking micro-cylindrical capillary tubes into the skin that will encapsulate the hair follicles.

    The name of this apparatus is FUE Punch. FUE Punch is pushed forward into the skin by circularly cutting the skin around the hair follicles. Therefore, the hair follicle

    (Follicular units) will be separated from the skin around it but will not break completely and is keeps its place in the skin.

    Operating surgeon cuts the number of grafts that was suggested during the consultation phase of the hair transplantation, in a circular manner thanks to FUE Punch with the method he sees fit at this stage.

    After the use of the punch, the grafts are placed one by one on gauze cloths filled with special solutions that are placed on the petri plates using forceps.



  • Incisions smaller than 1mm:

    The “undamaged-intact” grafts collected with the Golden Hand Standard must be placed in channels suitable to their own diameters. This is the most important element to ensure that the transplanted hair is almost undistinguishable.

    If the grafts are placed in the channels opened in diameters that are much larger than their own natural diameters, they do not fit into the channel properly; they form collapses in the skin and pits in the scalp. This is the biggest mistake that prevents natural results in hair transplantation.

    Just like how natural results cannot be achieved when the grafts are placed in oversized channels; if the grafts are placed in undersized channels, this time they will suffer physical damage. This leads to a decrease in growing rate and low density.

    For these two reasons, grafts should be placed in the channels suitable for their diameters leaving no traces, by providing natural appearance and density. Placing the grafts collected with 0.8mm and 0.9mm punches into the channels opened below 1mm are indispensable elements of total aesthetic quality in fue hair transplantation.

    The Golden Hand Standard is complemented with the opening of hair transplantation channels below 1mm.



  • Golden Hand Standards


    √ Homogenic distribution during removal


    √ Avoiding aggresive removal


    √ Leaving no scars in the donor area


    √ Punch use with proper diameter and depth


    √ Very few partial transections


    √ Negligible total number of transections




  • Post-Surgery

    Recovery and Maintenance Phase


    In the first 5-10 days; small, minimal scabs occurs in the donor area and recipient area.

    These scabs are completely healed at the end of the use care products and washing cycle recommended by the operator doctor. 10 days later, no wounds or scars remain on the recipient or the donor areas.

    After 5-10 days of recovery, the patients have the freedom as if she has never had their hair transplanted.

    While the follicles, which are planted after recovery, remain alive in the skin, the hairs that they carry during the transplantation are break and fall. This refinement continues within 1-3 months. Hair follicles that remain alive in the skin after 3 months of falling start growing for a new vertex hair

    hair. This phase is the regeneration phase. The regeneration phase lasts between 3-6 months.

    After 6 months, the result phase emerges. The result occurs within 6-9 months.

    Especially in the vertical growing zones, it may take longer for the transplanted hair follicles to produce a new hair. In this case, it is better to say 6-12 months instead of 6-9 months.





    Manifestation -

    At Gur Transplant Clinic:

    √ Complete, satisfying consultation is done by the operant doctor.

    √ Donor area is not damaged.

    √ Only single grafts are planted in the hairline.

    √ Hair angle, direction, distribution and density are adjusted correctly

    √ GOLDEN HAND Standards and 1mm Under techniques are applied both during planting and the removal.

    √ The doctor performs the operation himself..

    Manifestation -

    At Gur Transplant Clinic:

    √ The most important person is the patient.

    √ Each doctor performs only one hair transplant operation in a day.

    √ The operation is performed with upmost diligence.

    √ Hygiene and Sterilization are complete.

    √ The operation is completely legal with the liscense from the Ministry of Health.

    √ The patient will not be ignored or left without support after the procedure..

  • Why should you choose us?


    1) Dr Gokhan Gur started his successful career in 2003 as one of the first medical doctor practitioners of  FUE technique in Turkey and conducted over 3000 surgery in the last 18 years.

    2) Dr. Gökhan Gür conducts the hair transplantation surgery.

    3) Dr. Gökhan Gür performs hair transplantation with his same trusted team for 7 years.

    4) Dr. Gökhan Gür has extensive experience in all the hair transplantation techniques. Manuel Punch + hole needle technique was used between 2003 and 2011. Since 2011, it has been replaced with micromotor punch + Sapphire blade technique

    5) Dr. Gökhan Gür is an associate member of International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS).

    6) According to our long-term clinical research and experience, the number of the extracted follicular hair unit should not exceed 3500 per day.


  • Attention!!

    How To Select the Best Hair Transplant Center?


    Hair transplantation is a fast-growing sector in Turkey, resulting from hundreds of clinics being opened. Therefore, the patient should consider many factors to select the best one for him.


    -Make sure that the center for hair transplantation is licensed and registered under the Republic of Turkey’s Ministry of Health. Request to see the license.


    -Find out the operant’s name at the center where you choose to have your surgery. Make sure if this name is registered as a licensed physician in that city and if there are any records of this physician on the Medical Board.


    -Find out if it is the physician will conduct the hair transplant operation or he/she is going to be only an observer. If the physician is conducting the operation, find out which of the three operational-esthetic stages (phases) he/she is going to employ doing


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