Gur Hair Transplant is a Fue Hair Transplant clinic in Istanbul

Fue Hair Transplant in Turkey

Fue Hair Transplant to Istanbul, Turkey


Hair Transplant is a fast-growing sector in Turkey. Therefore, patients are having hard times choosing the right clinic. These clinics can offer you many opportunities of discounted prices and other advantages.

Also, there are favorable clinics like us, which provide you with an amazing holiday and successful hair transplant operation in the same time.

To choose the right clinic, do some research about hair transplant clinics in Turkey. For example, ask for the doctor’s name and medical license. Ask for the doctor’s role in the hair transplant surgery, if he is going to be just an observer or he is going to be performing the operation directly.  


Our private clinic ensures you that Dr. Gökhan Gür performs the hair transplant operation personally. Moreover, we allow only one patient per day. This ensures a higher quality and guarantees 80% success rate. If you want to take advantage of these amazing opportunities, please contact us.


Planning Your Hair Transplant


If you are planning to come to Istanbul for hair transplantation, then here are the steps you should take:


1) Send the requested photos of your head via online chat, WhatsApp or e-mail. Dr. Gökhan Gür personally analyzes your photographs.


2) Set the date of your surgery according to your and our schedule. We will carry out a preliminary appointment for you. Then we will ask you for your flight ticket so that we can confirm your appointment.


3) According to your flight ticket details, we will make an hotel reservation for you and also arrange the airport-hotel-clinic transportations.


We wish you a nice travel to Istanbul.


Gur Hair Transplant.